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Other Works

2 M/1W
Featured in the Playwrights Union 2010 Reading Festival

The mother dies.
The husband wraps her body in plaster and cuddles close.
The son eats his mother’s heart.
A tale of acceptance.


5M, 3F, 1M/F
Commissioned by the Los Angeles History Project, 2008 Workshop Premiere at the Autry Museum.

A corrupt administration. A leader clinging desperately to his power. A devastating flood.In 1938, Los Angeles Mayor Frank Shaw, on the verge of being ousted from power, broadcasts over the radio airwaves to a drowning city. His citizens, some living and some dead, converge on City Hall to offer him one last chance at salvation from his past deeds, before he is overtaken by a record storm.

3M, 2W
A play with Music.
Finalist for The Jerome Playwriting Fellowship.
To the smooth grooves of a jazz quartet, Dave and Essie get Gershwined.
It's 1947, it's Newark, it's a hot Saturday night. The kind of night that lasts a lifetime.
Feet float. Bodies fly.
Twenty years.
Memory loses shine.
Twenty more.
Heads now encased in surgical halos, unable to walk, Dave and Essie can
still swing.
The dance never stops.
The dance never stops.
The dance never stops.




12 M/W
Developed with Son of Semele Ensemble.
Appearing as Chaplin-esque vagabonds, labor class workers dance, pratfall,
tumble and roll through more than a century of evolving consciousness in a
sometimes absurd attempt to leave a mark ... or perhaps just a smile.

A Terrific Tale of Ancient Terror!

2F, 1M
Presented as part of Son of Semele Ensemble's RAPID reading series.
A Stand Alone Prequel to King Cat Calico Finally Flies Free! Heidi K. Hendrickson is raised in a giant burning crib until she is 18 years old by her father Ptah, the Ancient Egyptian God of Creation and her mother, the Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekhmet.

Everybody Comes to Griff's

2M, 1F
Included in Need Theatre's Monthly Reading Series.
The completion of the King Cat trilogy, this closes out heroine Heidi Hendrickson's tale. After being attacked by cats on a lonely street, Heidi enters a body modification shop where she is transformed into a feline. Griff, the body mod artist transforms into a vulture. Together, they make a baby Griffon.

4 M, 3 W
Presented at Playwright's Arena's 2008 Reading Series.
Inspired by a true story. Stan, the one eyed man, is struck by lightning more than eight times over the course of forty years. Stan also doubles as the cyclops, the ancient figure who fashioned lightning bolts for Zeus .



3M, 3W

Workshop Production at Son of Semele Ensemble

Pope John Paul II and Terri Schiavo, both on feeding tubes, meet in the moments between life and death. A hungry grizzly bear appears to bless them with the St. Francis Prayer.

Where do faith, desire and our animal instincts intersect?

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