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Body Mecanique

Co-Directed by Kate Hutter and Aaron Henne

Text by Aaron Henne
Choreography by Kate Hutter
Original music and live performance by Eric Mason

A theatrical experience where dancing bodies, rhythmic monologues and a live musical score harmonize to animate the souls of every objects to question how we fulfill our purpose and avoid becoming obsolete. The piece also revels in the splendor of what it is to invent, create, and make tangible our mind’s concoctions. With choreography by LACDC Artistic Director Kate Hutter, we see the body and voice dueting with the dance at times straying from the literal to become a purely visceral expression of the language, blurring the lines between mediums where text becomes music and movement becomes dialogue. Accompanying the piece was an experimental score composed and performed by Eric Mason. The evening length work was set amidst the Steampunk exhibition, the first fine art exhibit of its kind, at the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood.


“The monologues were written by Mr. Henne, whose original words stirred and jolted our imaginations.  Ms. Hutter's choreography took us into a world of morphology making the transition into the realm of things very clear...The program asked the question: "How do we fulfill our purpose and avoid becoming obsolete?"  The implied answer is by continuing to grow, expanding our coping skills, and broadening our understanding of relationships to each other and machines.”

- Beverly Hills Outlook

(photos by Taso Papadakis)


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