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cave... a dance for lilith


"Cave…" is an exciting collision of theatre, dance and music that explores the humanity behind the myth of one of the most infamous demon goddesses of Jewish folklore.  Lilith's violent reputation has been feared throughout the centuries and sensationalized everywhere from classical art to "True Blood."  According to some interpretations of Genesis, she is also the first woman--created even before Eve. A Co-Production between theatre dybbuk and L.A. Contemporary Dance Company.


"unearths the humanity behind the myth of Lilith..."

- LA Stage Times

"explores threads connecting ancient creation stories about the blood-thirsty goddess to contemporary issues of personal and political conflict... compelling dance theatre."

- ​L​A Weekly

"unique and daring performance depicting a many-layered tale..."

- ​The Examiner

"the perfect vessel through which to speak about the notion of the outsider and the stranger... "

- Jewish Journal


If you'd like to bring this show to your city, or if you'd like more information, contact theatre dybbuk

This production was made possible in part due to the generous support of The Claire and Theodore Morse Foundation.

(photos by Taso Papadakis)

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