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Mesmeric Revelation

Antoine Lavoisier, the "Father of Modern Chemistry," faces off against Anton Mesmer, the "Wizard of Vienna," in a fiery clash of science and mysticism. Inspired by Poe's tale, "Mesmeric Revelation."

A Central Works Method Play
Written and directed by Aaron Henne
Developed in collaboration with Theo Black, Gary Grave, Joe Jordan, Gregory Scharpen and Jan Zvaifler.
Premiered at the Berkeley City Club, February 2012.

Nominated for three SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards, including Original Script.

In Paris, on the eve of the French Revolution, the most learned men in the world gather at the Royal Academy of Science. Antoine Lavoisier, esteemed director of the Academy, leads an inquiry into the latest craze sweeping through French Society.

The scandalous Dr. Anton Mesmer claims he can cure any patient of any illness by "mesmerizing" them – placing them in a mysterious trance-like state. Can such a claim be proven scientifically?


“Mesmeric Revelation, written and directed by Aaron Henne, is a special play of intellectual depth and exquisite performance now at Central Works at the Berkeley City Club.  It is appropriate that Aaron Henne should present this profound and concentrated 80-minute argument in this special community.  It might not play in Peoria, but for those theatre-goers who have a sense of intellectual history and are concerned about the current cultural battles, this is a must-see.”

- John McMullen, Oakland Examiner

(photos by Jay Yamada, talkback photo by Jim Norrena)


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