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King Cat Calico Finally Flies Free!

Written by Aaron Henne
Directed by Edgar Landa
Produced by Son of Semele Ensemble in the Summer of 2006.

Heidi Hendrickson has an obsession, a compulsion really - she has 150 cats in her eleven hundred square foot apartment, including sixty dead ones in the Frigidaire. She has an especially intimate relationship with the alpha cat, one King Cat Calico who keeps trying to escape this hellish tuna filled, feces stained prison, to no avail. A fun filled exploration of loneliness, possession and the need to claim one's place in this uncertain world.

Featuring a cameo by Rush Limbaugh, singing(literally) the praises of Oxy-Contin, or what he lovingly refers to as his "little blues."


“GO! …Aaron Henne’s new play is a remarkable exercise in serious goofiness, a comedy about loneliness, abuse and addiction…this production never ceases to engage the imagination.”

- Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"RECOMMENDED - 'How many cats do you know who have the power to deny their instinctive urges?' asks the title character of King Cat Calico Finally Flies Free! Not many, and Aaron Henne's absurdist dramedy at Son of Semele isn't too optimistic about human urges, either. When this alliterative account of a reclusive cat collector and the alpha male of her dreams goes for psychosexual mayhem, purring anarchy reigns. …the ripe imagination on tap should be catnip for the adventurous.”

- David C. Nichols - LA Times


(photos by Barbara Kallir, poster by Matthew McCray)

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